Culture & Activities

Flag bearer

Flag bearer for Västgöta Nation is an honorable mission to represent us at formal occasions and ceremonies.

Clubhouse manager

The Clubhouse manager is most likely the foreman you never see! He or she works with keeping the Nations rooms and halls in good shape, fit for every student in Lund!


Interested in soccer, floorball, running or sports overall? Do you want to represent our Nation in these activities among others? Then you should definately contact our sports division! Information about matches, practices and everything else is avalible on our sportspage on Facebook!


NATU är Nationens aktivitets- och trivselutskott. NATU-förmännen NATU is the nation’s Activity-and enjoyment section. The NATU-foremen arrange all sorts of interesting activities during the semester – all from climbing, dancing, canoeing and opera nights! To find out what NATU will do next we recommend that you follow us on Facebook, as well as joining the very own NATU Facebook group!

The Novice committee

The Novischerie are responsible for making the first time in Lund for all students a great one! We turn to them with questions about life in Lund and at the nation and let them help us make contacts and new friends. And aside from all this they arrange tons of great activities during the first weeks of the semester!

The Torna Quire

Do you like to sing in a quire? Then The Torna Quire might be something for you! If you’re a member of any Nation on the Torna road (one of the Torna Nations) you can apply for their very own quire! Shoot away an email to for more information! .

The washerie

The washerie handles all washing at the nation! They make sure to keep all our tablecloths, aprons and working gear in tip top shape!

Tech foreman

The Tech foremans responsibility lies in making our events deliver the fully intended experience. He or she makes sure that all technical aspects are working, and that great DJ’s are turning tables at every Metro!

Head of nomination

The head of nomination puts together a committee that will interview and select candidates for both foremanship and quratel. They give their proposals, which is then decided by the members of the nation at a nation meeting.

Head Marshall

Every year we throw our ball Nyckelorden! For that we need a Head Marshall, someone to act as an arranger for the whole deal - making bookings with Grand Hotel, keeping up with invitations and so on!

The PR-group

The PR-group consists of a Head of PR, an IT-foreman, a layout-foreman and three photography-foremen! Together they try to spread the word about our great Nation, our wonderful workers and our just as wonderful guests! If you’re interested in graphics, photography, IT, or just about anything creative – and sitting on an awesome idea that you would like to pursue – send an email to to see how you can engage in the PR-group!