Novice Activities

Novisch-Pong - 25/1 - Over the course of this sparkling evening you lovely newcomers will have the opportunity to discover Pr. Pong - one of the most popular weekly activities at the nation! The doors will open earlier for all of the novisches at VG, where you get to show off your skills in table tennis, foosball and Mario Kart! There will be refreshments as well as the best pizza in Lund. A great chance to hang out with your newfound friends!

Committee mingel with NATU - 4/2 - Would you like to get involved in Västgöta Nation, but haven’t figured out how or where to start? Then take this opportunity and bring your friends to VG committee mingle! Meet our foremen and get to know our amazing committees to find out how much fun VG has to offer you. Swedish fika will also be served, of course.

Welcome Home-dinner – 6/2 - This is a party for all of the new members of Västgöta nation, all in English! A sittning is an energetic three-course dinner party, so expect a night full of spectacular food and grab the opportunity to get to know your new family a little better. If you have joined a mentor group, they will host the pre-parties, and after the sittning we will continue the night at our famous club METRO!

Novice Party – 13/2 - The last drop, and as we Swedes would say: the cream on the mashed potatoes. It’s the GRAND FINALE! Together we will celebrate the end of the novisch period at AF-borgen with great food, wonderful company and an astonishing atmosphere! The night continues at VG at our favourite dancefloor: METRO!