Novice Activities

Welcome Home-dinner – 24/1 - This is a party for all of you new members of Västgöta Nation! A sitting is an energetic three course dinner party, so expect a night full of good food and chances to get to know your new family a bit better! Pre-parties will be held by your fadder-groups and after the sitting we will continue at the nations club METRO!

Pub Crawl - 31/1 - This evening we will visit our lovely neighbours Hallands and Kristiands Nation for a pub crawl. This is the event for you if you want to hang and chill with other novices and mentors. Later we will return to VG and dance the night away at METRO!

The Torna Party – 7/2 - Grande Finale! Together we will have an epic sitting at AF-borgen along with four other Nations. Dinner, entertainment, and a crazy afterparty lasting into the early hours. Not something you want to miss! Dresscode: Dark suit & Cocktail dress.