Every Wednesday we open the gates to the best club in Lund - METRO! With two bars, two DJ’s, one energetic dancefloor and an atmospheric lounge Metro is the given choice every Wednesday! Here there’s something for everybody, whether you want a more chill night with your friends or you want to dance away the exam anxiety down in the club. You need to show proof of membership in Studentlund (card or receipt works fine - there’s also an app called “studentkortet”!) with ID to enter. The entry is 60 SEK, members enter for half the price! We open at 10pm, but it’s always a good idea to be out in good time!


Bring the pre-party to Västgöta Nation! Here there’s ping-pong, Mario Kart, nail and lots of bar-friendly activities, as well as a robust selection of beers and other beverages! A perfect place to hang out with friends old and new, either as the first stop of the evening or as a relaxed and amazing night! If you’re hungry there’s steaming hot pizzas fresh from the oven to order in the bar. We’re open every Friday 19-24, with free entrance of course! Turn to pqs@vgnation.se if you’re interested of booking an event with the concept of Professor Pong.


Our incredibly popular restaurant here at the nation is the obvius choice every Friday, whether you want a relaxed start for a long night or just enjoy first class food and drink. Here you can choose between three main courses where meat, fish and vegetarian is represented, as well as a delicious dessert. Table bookings are med through our website. The restaurant opens at 7 pm, see you!

12:15 at Thursday's we open the doors for a tasty Soup Lunch! The soup is served with homemade bread in loads and finishes with a great dessert - all this for only 35 SEK! Sunny spring days it might even be that the beer is cooling for our guests!


At Tiffany’s you’ll find everything from bacon & eggs, fruit and homemade bread to waffles and smoothies - everything needed for a great start of the day! The food is ready at 12am, but at 11am you can take a seat and drink some coffee. There’s a total of 50 seats, welcome!


American Breakfast follows up with more delicious food in line with the beloved american food culture. Mini burgers, American pancakes, smoothies, homemade bread and pies of all sorts is a sample of all that’s avalible at AB, Sunday’s 12am. Like at Tiffany’s you can take a seat at 11am already, to secure a seat among the 50 avaliable.


Five times each semester we wish you welcome to the only Tapas bar among the nations in Lund: ¡TapasThursday! Let us, to the tones of fiery flamenco, seduce you with sangria, spanish beer and tasty tapas dishes. Keep an eye on Facebook for information about next event, and when to book a table. ¡Bienvenidos!

The hugely popular sessions that precedes our Wednesday Club Metro are the perfect place if you want to celebrate a finished exam, a birthday child or just want to find some extra fun with your friends! The pre-dinner drink is served at. 18:30 and the sittning takes at 19:00 where you will be served a three course menu from our excellent kitchen.

Pirum is a tasting experience above the usual! A few times each semester our eminent Pirum-foreman offers a tasting menu consisting of hand-picked produce of the highest quality, as well as specifically selected wines and other beverages. A place for gastronomers! Keep a lookout on Facebook for the next opportunity for this luxurious evening!

The “Valborg” celebrations are big in Lund. To start it of VG and our neighbour Hallands Nation invites all students to a one day festival called KVALBORG! Big artists such as Looptroop Rockers, Vigiland, Näääk & Nimo, Tungevaag & Raaban and Cleo have kept us company before, of course together with 1400 happy students! Keep a lookout during the spring for more info!


Lots of nations in Lund throw annual banquets, and we are no different! Nyckelorden is Västgöta Nations own banquet that offers a traditional luxurious dinner, lots of singing and laughing, dancing and joy at Grand Hotel in Lund. The evening rounds of with an energetic party at the nation, often accompanied by live music.


NATU is the nation’s Activity-and enjoyment section. The NATU-foremen arrange all sorts of interesting activities during the semester – all from climbing, dancing, canoeing and opera nights! To find out what NATU will do next we recommend that you follow us on Facebook, as well as joining the very own NATU Facebook group!