The Quratel consists of five people responsible for the operations and happenings of the nation. At Västgöta Nation there’s a Qurator, ProQurator Social, ProQurator Economy, Secretary and Head of PR. Together they work with developing and running the nation.



Josef Malikq@vgnation.se, 046 – 14 59 04

Josef came home to Västgöta Nation during spring in 2017 and has been forman for Metro Club and Kvällsansvarig. After upper secondary school Josef was hungry for adventure, but a few experiences wiser the Lund native returned to the best student city and university in the world, where he studies Biomedicine.

As qurator, are Josef responsible for contact with authorities, contact with other student organizations and responsible for the nation's members. Josef is also the contact person for the novischformen, festmästeriet, vieriet, övermrskalken, jubileumsövermarskalken, tandem general, head of nomination committee, kvällsansvariga, technic-forman and standard-bearer. Do you have questions about your membership, want to buy presale tickets for the club or are interested in buying any of our concepts? Then Josef is the right person for you to contact!


ProQurator Social

Siri Lindgrenpqs@vgnation.se, 046 – 14 59 04.

Siri moved from Gothenburg to Lund in the fall of 2016 when she started her studies in Business Administration. She found her way to Västgöta Nation during her first semester and became a foreman in the spring of 2017. During her time at the nation she has been foreman for metro club, kvällsansvarig and Kvalborg koordinator.She has also been a part of the election committee and the equality group at the nation. As ProQurator Social makes sure that the nations bar and food activities works as good as possible, is responsible for orders and is the one who books the sittnings. Siri also thinks it is important that both active and guests feel welcomed at the nation. If you have any idea how to develop the activities at the nation - don’t hesitate to contact Siri. This also applies to questions about being a foreman, our offerings or the student life in general.


ProQurator Economy

Filip Cederquistpqe@vgnation.se, 046 – 14 59 04.

Filip Cederquist is 24 years old and has studied Applied Mathematics in Lund since 2014. Filip started his engagement in Västgöta Nation fall of 2017 and has spent two terms as foreman of Professor Pong and one term as foreman for sittings. The engagement in Västgöta Nation has been the biggest and funniest part of his student life. As ProQurator Ekonomi, Filip is in charge of all the economic work the nation has. If you have any question regarding the nations ecomony, don't hesitate to contact him.



Ebba Anderssonnotarie@vgnation.se, 046 – 14 59 04.


Head of PR

Linnea Bolmstedtprchef@vgnation.se, 046 – 14 59 04.

In the autumn of 2016 Linnea moved from Gothenburg to Lund to being her studies at the University of Lund. After being involved with the student association of her study programme of human resources she searched for something more and found a Västgöta Nation. As her time as a foreman she’s been responsible for the American breakfast and the soup lunch. She then took half a year off to go on exchange in Amsterdam but are now finally home again as the Head of PR.

As the Head of PR Linnea is responsible for all social media and the graphic profile of Västgöta Nation. As a help she had the PR-group behind her back which includes a layout forman, an IT forman and 3 photo formen. Do you have any brilliant creative idéas or digital solutions that you think will improve our nation, don’t hesitate to contact us.