Dear Novices and students, you have just made the second best choice of your life – Lund as your city for studies! But now it’s time for the best choice – the choice of a nation!

To be eligible for membership you first need to register at with your application code (ex. LU-xxxxx) that you can find on your letter of application.

When that’s done it’s only to come here and become a member! You’ll find us at the office (Tornavägen 17, 223 63 Lund) in registration-time drinking coffee, eating pop-corn and just hanging out! Bring ID and your letter of application and we’ll get it done in a couple of minutes. We can’t wait to see you, to answer your questions about everything and to plan hangouts and parties, as well as talk about opportunities to work for us during our operations – something that is extremely fun and rewarding! We’re open 10am-6pm every weekday for the whole novice period!

By becoming a member in Västgöta Nation you can take part in an exciting range of activities, such as a crazy dance-floor, luxurious restaurants, sporting events, banquets, dinners, brunches and much much more. You can take part of a community with students from all over the University - all over the world – and make your time in Lund so much more than just about studies. We look forward to meed you, welcome home!