Dear Novice!

A warm welcome to Lund, and most of all, to Västgöta Nation! Our names are Susanna, Alexander and Cajsa and we make up this semesters Novice committee! We’re going to learn you all we can (Well, that will we be done with quite quickly, but it will be great fun!), and we have no doubt that you’ll like it here in Lund. But to find your home away from home you need to think about which nation to choose, a nation that fits you! We at Västgöta Nation are known for our big family with an even bigger heart that we hope you want to join. If there’s any questions in your mind, don’t hesitate to ask us at, or by coming by our office! Click here to learn more about joining us! Take a look at our Novice activities as well! Regards from your Novice Committee Susanna Thorén, Alexander Hantelis and Cajsa Ohlsson!